Vince Broglio – Resin Artist Extraordinaire

Vince Broglio is a local big wave surfer, surfboard glasser, and happenstance artist.  Yes, his art was a sort of twist of fate.  It is unique, to say the least, and absolutely stunning.  He happily fell into resin sculpturing after already being a finely-tuned glasser and a commented on how cool the drips of dried looked.  Occasionally the greatest artist are those whose inspiration and influence come directly from their own heart and soul.


Broglio grew up in Santa Cruz, but it wasn’t until a family vacation to Hawaii that Vince tried surfing and was hooked there on out. He has surfed amazing surf from Fiji to Mavericks and everywhere in between.  He is from the “old-school” era of surfing, and has much to say about the surfing’s new culture, but like many of us, it doesn’t matter how much the culture changes, the love of surfing never dies and will always draw us back, including Broglio.  The ocean will forever be a deep passion for Broglio, and it will continuously manifest itself in his work.

Vince Broglio Resin Wave

Broglio’s art is greatly influenced by the motion of the sea; the feel of the waves and its extraordinary beauty.  Often you will notice that his resin sculptures resemble a wave, a seashell, and various striking sea creatures.  Because the resin he uses  starts its life as a block that is created from glassing a board so the colors in each piece is unpredictable, but perfect in its disorder.  From the stunning greens and blues to the infused reds, purples, yellows, browns, and beyond, each one of his pieces pigment configuration would seem to be perfectly plotted out.  His artistic eye and magical touch brings this chaos into order without losing its frenzied roots.

I was quite fascinated by the sheer size and how immensely heavy it is before the resin is shaped into a masterpiece.  Just to break of piece and start shaping it, he frequently must use a chainsaw, and other powerful tools to start his process.  Every so often a piece just lends its self to him; it may break into something already resembling something of greatness.  With his keen eye, he then perfects it into an inimitable piece of breathtaking art.  Broglio’s work is irrefutably unique and enchanting.

Vince Broglio Resin Art


We are fortunate to have such a talented and multidimensional local doing prodigious work, tapping into our hearts and souls with each new creation.  You can visit Broglio’s website at to purchase and or just enjoy a feast for your eyes.  He will be having a show next year.  We will present dates to you when more information is available.

Vince Broglio Resin

Vince Broglio Working with resin


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