Community Awareness Walk

A short edit from November 27th 2012 when a group of local Santa Cruz citizens decided enough was enough and walked the railroad tracks down to city hall to express their feelings and concerns of the recent toxic waste, trash and hyperdermic needles being found at Cowells Beach. As well as to discuss the recent increase in criminal activity and theft in our community.
Video by Elijah Crowell
Music by Toulouse Engelhardt


One comment on “Community Awareness Walk

  1. i will join a group to help pick up the trash. but i won’t go to the city council because this problem happened under their watch…..the answer is individual efforts, not “city leaders”….if they cared this would not have happened to begin with.

    please email me if you want me to go with with others to pick up trash or paint over gang tags. but no way i will go to the city council….

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