Sammy Snowden Interview


SANTA CRUZ WAVES Chats with Artist/Actor Sammy Snowden

Sam2TF:            When did your artistic juices start flowing?Sam7


SS:              Hmmm?  Young.  I kinda had a gypsy / hippie family. Both of my parents are very creative people.  I grew up with no TV, was always getting hurt, and was kinda left to entertain myself…  I would say when I was walking I was painting or mimicking someone or something.


TF:            Speaking of mimicking… You’re quite the actor as well! Everyone who watches Point Break live dies from laughter…


SS:            Yeah, the whole acting thing kinda fell into my lap.  I’ve always loved to perform or be in front of a Sam1camera. Making people laugh is a f***ing Blast!!

TF:            So for the people that don’t know about Point Break Live fill us in on the experience…


SS:            Point Break Live is like this Fluke or freak of nature, Live “adaptation” of the Patrick Swayze (me) and Keanu Reeves (you) movie about bank robbing surfers. Basically we play on all the parodies of surf culture while being super interactive with the audience.  There’s beer, booze, blood, guns, and the best part is the lead role of Johnny Utah is casted from the audience. Yeahh, you guys pick the guy we F***K with.


TF:            Haha, yes I remember it well…It’s an amazing time. Is it still going?  If so, where?


SS:            We have set record highs in San Francisco for a two-year running show.  Had write ups in L.A. Weekely, S.F. Chronicle. Blah, Blah, Blah.  But yes we are taking a little break at this point, a rest from running two nights a week for two years. However, there is word of a possible tour and reopening in spring!!!

I’ll keep you posted. They do it in L.A. as well.


TF:            So remind us of one of the classic lines from the movie!Sam6


SS:            Honestly Gary Busey is my favorite. But I have to go with “THERES CLIFFS ON BOTH SIDES IM NOT GONNA PADDLE TO NEW ZEALAND ….BRAHHH”



TF:            hahaha classic.  So back to your art, what sort of stuff are you getting into right now?


SS:            I’m kind of working on a large body of work.  Enough to stuff an entire gallery like a T.Day turkey.  Most of my work has to do with memories and a kind of narrative catalog of myself.  I want the viewer to see it as there own memory in a way.  Example;  If I paint a picture of Mickey Dora it reminds me of my dad, point breaks, and a legend. Others may see it as 60’s-ish, beachy, or, not even know who it is.  Or popular icons that are kind of a portrait of our generations.



TF:            Groovy!  Can’t wait to see it!  Where can we view some of your current work? When can we expect some of this new brilliance??


SS:            I would say like spring… I have some S.F. spaces in mind.


TF:            In this economy what’s it like to be an artist? Are there people still buying art out there?Sam8


SS:            Whoooo… It’s tough honestly. I’ve been doing random stuff really?  Commercials for French car companies, Levi’s stuff, Bronze Patina, Bartender.  Seems like you have to be a jack of all trades these days… even with a college education.


TF:            Ya man I feel ya.  So last question.  Sam’s Dream job??


SS:            Doing something I love.  Sounds cheezy as F**K but really, right now I’m just making memories and logging them in the flat files.  hahahh… nah, but if you love what you do, I think you succeed.


TF:            Nice man.  Well keep up the good work Sammy and let us know when you’ve got a show or when PB live is back on!


SS:            Will do Brada!




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